Become "FSBO Genius" Incredible!

Your training begins by testing your FSBO IQ in a series of 3 short quizzes. FSBO Geniuses have FSBO IQs of 150 or more. Listing and selling your home will earn you the title of FSBO Genius! In 2017, the average FSBO Genius found themselves $15,024 richer!
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  1. Traditional Real Estate Model (Not Started)
    Is hiring a real estate agent the best way to sell your home today or have changes to the real estate industry created problems you may not be aware of?
  2. Listing Exposure and the MLS (Not Started)
    How are homes sold today? Is there value to listing with an agent on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) or is it possible you may be getting misguided?
  3. Professional Expertise and Support (Not Started)
    Is it difficult selling without an agent? Where can you find the professional service and expertise you need so you're not trying to do it on your own?
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