by: Chad Boge

A Smoother Overall Real Estate Transaction

The process of selling a home with a traditional agent is backward in many ways. When determining the condition of a home, for example, a general home inspection isn't performed until the very end of the process, AFTER an offer has already been signed.

A post-offer home inspection often generates an unnecessary amount of stress in the traditional home selling process because buyers will nearly always approach the seller with a list of inspection-driven demands. The problem is that the sellers have already accepted their lowest price at the time of the offer, and now they're being forced to negotiate all over again. The sellers will likely need to invest more money, potentially thousands of dollars, into unplanned repairs or risk having the deal fall through. Either scenario is bad. When sellers follow the traditional process of relying on post-offer home inspections, they often walk away with less proceeds from the sale of their home than originally planned at the time of signing the offer.

FSBOHOMES provides every customer with a Home Transparency ReportĀ® which includes a pre-market certified appraisal and a pre-market home inspection by unbiased third-party professionals. With all the information available at the time of an offer, buyers and sellers can agree on a purchase price based on neutral expert opinions. Buyers always have the option of scheduling a second home inspection, but if they decide to do so, the likelihood of finding a previously unidentified surprise is significantly less.

A pre-market home inspection creates a smoother overall real estate transaction for both buyers and sellers. Buyers are more confident to make an offer on the home and sellers are more likely to walk away from the sale of their home with a predictable amount of proceeds, a number they could better plan from the very beginning of the home selling process.

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