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There are basic fundamentals of selling a home that never seem to change. Every home sells in accordance with price, condition, and location. In today's connected world it's rarely a listing exposure problem, although agents will regularly play on a seller's emotions with this pressure sales tactic so they can win more clients. The more empowered you are with common industry knowledge, the more in control you will be. This will help you to make confident decisions regarding what's likely to be one of your largest private investments.
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Home Selling 101
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by: Rollin Banderob
Seven Tips for a Great Winter Photo Shoot
In the parts of the country where the temps drop below freezing and the snow flies in the winter, you might feel behind the proverbial snowball in your chances to show off your home well when selling it at this time of year. Beyond the usual decluttering of the house so it is easy to walk around and show off your property, and not your possessions, consider these additional tips.
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by: Celena Turner
12 Home Prep Tips for a Fast Sale
After living in a home for a few years it's natural to get accustomed to its small imperfections. However, prospective home buyers will not be accustomed to the imperfections and they can immediately judge an entire home on one of these seemingly minor issues. The following home fix-ups are simple, for the most part inexpensive, and instantly make your home more marketable. This can mean a faster home sale with a higher home selling price. It's an important first step so don't shoot yourself in the foot before you begin.
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