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FSBOHOMES Opens First Location in Sioux Falls

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Sioux Falls, South Dakota - FSBOHOMES (, known for delivering a modern home selling experience without the hefty agent commissions, is expanding its efforts and has officially launched its services to the Sioux Falls region.

"We are beyond excited to finally offer our community an option that literally replaces the costly agent and MLS system," said local FSBOHOMES franchise owner Mitch Klein. "This is the way selling a home should be and is a huge win for people looking to sell their home. Folks have already made the jump from DVDs to Netflix, from cabs to Uber, from hotels to Airbnb, and now they have this, which in turn is saving home sellers thousands of dollars like never before." FSBOHOMES continues to pave the way with new locations across the United States, recently exceeding $1.5 billion in home sales and saving home sellers over $75 million in agent commissions. "The proof is in the pudding," said Chad Boge, co-founder of FSBOHOMES. "People are starting to realize the obscene amount of money they are paying in agent commissions just to be associated with the outdated MLS system that exists to protect fee structures more than it is to provide listing exposure. Today, all homes are online and buyers have direct access to search and find homes on their own."

One aspect of FSBOHOMES that sets it apart is that every customer receives a Home Transparency ReportĀ®. Similar to what a CARFAX Report is to the automobile industry, this report combines a pre-market certified appraisal and pre-market home inspection, so all the critical information is available up front and early in the process. This makes it easy for buyers and sellers to reach an agreement and creates a smoother overall real estate transaction.

Residents in the Sioux Falls area can learn more about FSBOHOMES and saving thousands of dollars in agent commissions for themselves at


FSBOHOMES is an innovative advertising and coordination service that helps homeowners sell their own homes quickly and save them thousands of dollars. Every local FSBOHOMES team includes dedicated advertising managers, certified home appraisers, certified home inspectors, professional photographers, and on-site real estate attorney services to assist homeowners in successfully selling their home. FSBOHOMES is headquartered in Cedar Rapids, IA and is the world's first non-agent real estate franchise. For more information, please visit FSBOHOMES is a registered trademark.

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