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Success Story - John Langer

I used FSBOHOMES in May 2018. A friend of mine used FSBOHOMES and he enthusiastically endorsed them. I was skeptical. But, after interviewing three realtors, all of whom suggested we lowball the price for a quick sale and they still wanted their 7% which was $20,000 plus, I decided to give it a try.

Now I am an enthusiastic endorser as well. Things worked out perfectly for me. They were professional, efficient and friendly. Made no false promises but educated us on the options of how to sell a home. I mean, after all, I know my house and I thought I could present it better than someone who did not.

We listed our home with FSBOHOMES and were extremely happy with the pictures and the presentation of our home online. It was great. As potential buyers came through our home, I was happy to have the pre-inspection because it took care of a lot of hesitations and potential objections. I showed it to everyone and reviewed it with them.

After 8 showings in 8 days, I received a call from another potential buyer that wanted to take a look. A home near us had just gone on the market, but the realtor that listed that home had a full voicemail box. So this couple drove by that home to take a look. They saw our home as well just down the street and made an appointment for the next day.

They toured our home at 10 am, made an offer at 3 pm, and at 5 pm we had a deal. Fair for both us and FSBOHOMES helped both us, the sellers, and the buyers, with the process of making the deal. It was perfect. No, the buyers never did look at this other home. Everything went well at closing, efficient and done in a timely manner.

I definitely recommend FSBOHOMES. Not everyone may have the success I did, but it was worth the effort. It saves thousands and they make it a seamless process. Thank you FSBOHOMES.

John Langer

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