Success Story Zach Schmit

What hesitations did you have when considering FSBOHOMES to sell your home?

As I was taking the appropriate steps in preparation to sell my house, I was faced with the dilemma of what the best method to sell was. I needed to sell it quickly, but I also wanted to get as much money out of it as possible. I had seen all the big checks online that people were posting for commissions saved by selling with FSBOHOMES, but I also have a minimum of a few dozen great friends that are fantastic real estate agents. Even if I did use an agent to sell my house, who would I even choose?

What made you decide to move forward with FSBOHOMES?

I was very torn with the idea of letting down any one of my numerous real estate agent friends, but ultimately, I had to do what I felt was the best path for me to sell for the highest price and retain the entire commission percentage that would otherwise go to the agents involved.

What are some things you liked most about the FSBOHOMES System?

Everything was such a smooth process selling with FSBOHOMES from start to finish. The team of professionals they have in place were always ready to help when I had questions. From the second I said I was ready to go, the photos and 3D Virtual Open House were done in no time. The best part was that I had an objective third-party appraisal done up front on my home, so I knew exactly what to list it at. In knowing the exact appraisal range, I also knew the maximum amount a bank would be willing to lend on the home for the buyer I ended up selling to. This gave me all the confidence in the world when agents reached out to me and offered to sell my home for more money than I had it listed at with FSBOHOMES.

I ended up selling my house to the very first couple who came and looked at it the very same day I posted it online! They felt great about everything because they were able to see all the photos up front online, plus experience the 3D Virtual Open House, and had full access to the FSBOHOMES Transparency Report to review. The closing process couldn't have been any smoother and the legal team was on top of every single detail for us.

What do you plan on doing with all the money you saved?

I decided to take my $21,900 in commissions saved and put it right in to the down payment on my next home. To be able to keep all that equity from one home and transfer it into the next felt amazing!

Anything else you would like to share?

At the end of the day, I could not have been more satisfied with everyone on the FSBOHOMES team. I believe once anyone sells with FSBOHOMES and sees their own big check in agent commissions saved, they'll never sell their home the traditional way again.

After having such an outstanding experience with the entire process, I joined the FSBOHOMES marketing team to help positively impact as many others as possible with this proven system.

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