by: Chad Boge

The MLS is the Phonebook

The MLS system held way more value prior to the Internet. Back then, if you can imagine this, the MLS was an actual book. It was printed in black and white and only showed one picture of the home. It was updated every two weeks as a tool for agents so they had access to the most accurate list of all the available homes for sale in their local market.

Home buyers had only one option. If they wanted to buy a home, they had to hire a buyer agent because only agents would have the latest printout of the MLS book.

Home sellers utilizing the MLS were required to sign a "cooperating broker agreement", committing the seller to pay the commission of their own real estate agent but also the commission of their buyer's agent. This same, antiquated MLS agreement is still being used today. So when a home seller agrees to place their home on the MLS they are locking themselves into paying thousands of dollars to an agent whose sole purpose is to negotiate against them! Most people would call this stupid but in real estate, it's somehow ok.

Today, all homes on the market are shared on public websites so buyers can find and access them directly. Listing exposure is a problem of the past and most homes are selling in a matter of days, not weeks or months. Yet agents are still deceiving home sellers into believing that the outdated and expensive MLS is somehow necessary today as it was 25 years ago.

FSBOHOMES is the way selling a home should be. We designed a simple, modern process to sell homes quickly and help homeowners save thousands of dollars. We provide a team of local qualified professionals to guide sellers from pricing to sale, a better strategy to find the right buyer, and a streamlined offer process with attorney services to get it done right.

In 2020, the median days on market for homes advertised with FSBOHOMES was 12 days and 2/3 of these homes sold with NO AGENT COMMISSION on either side of the transaction. This ultimate savings to the consumer is only possible when a home is not listed on the MLS.

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