by: Quint Howell

Will Someone Buy Your Home if they Don't Love it?

Buying a home is often the single biggest investment that a person makes over their lifetime. That being said, how likely is it for someone to buy a house they don't love? Inconceivable.

What we are trying to say is that agents don't "sell" homes. When you boil it down, an agent acts as a project manager and negotiator. However, we already laid out how the system is not set up to properly incentivize agents to negotiate in your best interest. The question you really need to ask yourself is, is a project manager really worth thousands of dollars?

The buyers that love your home will buy it. Think about the process in its entirety. Once the buyer sees your home and starts planning where to place furniture and who is getting each of the bedrooms, the clock is ticking for them. They are emotionally invested and want to make an offer. No agent can pressure a person to make an offer on a home they didn't for themselves decide to buy.

Learn about this and four more reasons why working with an agent is a waste of time and money. Download the 5 Reasons Selling with an Agent Wastes Time & Money.

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