The way selling a home should be.
Real Estate 
needs to change.
The real estate industry is functioning on a 100-year-old model that benefits everyone except the homeowner. You lose control of selling your home the moment you list with a real estate agent. The outdated agent/MLS system is inconvenient and costs you tens of thousands of dollars in unnecessary commissions. It’s a flawed system.
There is a better way.
The Way Selling a Home Should Be.
We designed a simple, modern process to sell your home quicker and save you thousands of dollars. This includes a team of local, qualified professionals to guide you from pricing to sale, a better strategy to find the right buyer, and a streamlined offer process with attorney services to get it done right.
We've helped thousands
of people sell their home
at an average savings of
Nearly $15,000
We sold our last house with an agent and this house with FSBOHOMES. We received the same level of service, sold it in half the time, and SAVED $21,350 IN COMMISSIONS!
- Bob & Jen Fejfar
Thousands of homeowners have saved more than $75 MILLION in commissions. Estimate YOUR Savings Below!
Agent %
Flat Fee
Seller's Agent
Buyer's Agent
Total Commission
Why would anyone pay unnecessary agent commissions again?
(even if she's your bestie or he's your favorite uncle)
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