Over a Billion in Real Estate Sold.
Over $50 Million in Commissions Saved.
Eleven Franchises Strong and Growing!
Real Estate
The MLS Myth.
REALTORS® would like you to believe the MLS (Multiple Listing Service) is a necessity in today’s real estate market, but that’s only because the MLS system protects their traditional income streams. The MLS began over 100 years ago as a printed catalog of real estate listings only available to agents, but today it’s as arbitrary as a phonebook...
Real Estate
Our modern approach to real estate, supported by a team of local, certified and licensed real estate professionals, will get you better results with less effort ...and all with no agent commissions.
We've helped thousands
of people sell their home
at an average savings of
Nearly $15,000
We sold our last house with an agent and this house with FSBOHOMES. We received the same level of service, sold it in half the time, and SAVED $21,350 IN COMMISSIONS!
- Bob & Jen Fejfar
Homeowners save Tens of Millions of dollars each year. Estimate YOUR Savings Below!
Agent %
Flat Fee
Seller's Agent
Buyer's Agent
Total Commission
Why would anyone pay unnecessary agent commissions again?
(even if she's your bestie or he's your favorite uncle)
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Kevin & Katie Gorman
Zach Schmit
Brian and Jacqueline Lahey
Brieyonna Lehr
Aubury and Shane Dodge
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