Learn About FSBOHOMES Services
A Team of Local, Qualified Professionals Guide You from Pricing to Sale
We assemble a better team of professionals that are each more qualified in their area of expertise so you can feel confident and comfortable selling your home.
Advertising Manager
Your personal concierge through the home-selling process.
They coordinate a team of certified and licensed professionals and manage your marketing campaign.
Real Estate
A trained professional to showcase your home with exceptional photos, schematic floor plans, and a 3D Virtual Open House so showing activity can occur online.
Certified Home
National certification or state licensure
An unbiased third party that provides an assessment of your home's condition before going on the market. This helps you prevent unplanned, unnecessary, and often costly post-offer expenses.
4-yr degree, 3-yr apprenticeship
An unbiased third-party professional holding the highest credentials available to determine the fair market value of your home. Setting the right asking price helps you sell your home as fast as possible.
Real Estate
4-yr degree, 3-yr law school
Trained in contract law, an attorney is the most qualified professional to draft your purchase agreement. This gives you peace of mind knowing there is a professional handling all the paperwork.
The Home Transparency Report® combines a pre-market certified appraisal and pre-market home inspection so all the critical information is available early in the process. This makes it easy for buyers and sellers to reach an agreement.
A Better Strategy to Find the Right Buyer
Our approach to marketing allows you to be in control of the process and spend time with only truly interested buyers.
People Find your Home Online
Listing exposure was a problem 20 years ago, but not today. Buyers sign up for new listing alerts and frequently browse popular real estate websites.
Your Home is Grabbing Attention
Professional photographs are taken to showcase your home and create the best first impression. Every posting visit means people are looking at your home and could be coming back to look again. Knowing there will be a Home Transparency Report® available, viewers know you're an informed seller with a home that is priced right.
You have an Interested Buyer
At this point, your home has real interest. Our 3D Virtual Open House and schematic floor plans allow buyers to walk through your home and ensure the flow and layout is what they are looking for...all with absolutely no time and effort on your part. Showing your home has never been easier!
You have a Serious Buyer
A private showing is scheduled directly between you and your buyers at a time that is convenient for both parties. This "second" showing gives the buyer an opportunity to verify what they already viewed online, includes a review of the Home Transparency Report®, and often leads directly to an offer.
3D Virtual Open Houses and Schematic Floor Plans help buyers better understand your home without the traditional busy work of hosting an open house or private showing. Nearly all of your home showing activity will occur online and often times, your first private showings will turn into talks of a verbal offer.
A Streamlined Offer Process with Attorney Services to get it Done Right
We create a seamless pathway for you and your buyers to reach a "handshake" agreement before turning it over to our on-site attorney services who will draft the official offer and transition it into closing.
Online Offer Platform
Buyers use the green "Make an Offer" button on your online posting to submit a non-binding offer. You will receive an email notification and have an opportunity to accept, decline, or counter the offer in a relaxed, no pressure format. This convenient form of communication can continue until a handshake agreement has been reached.
On-Site Attorney Services
At your option, our on-site attorney services can work with you and your buyers to draft the official agreement. Both parties can learn how the language in the agreement protects them and how neither party will be subject to terms that unfairly favor one party over the other once executed.
Closing Services
The last phase of the process is coordination of the legal and financial steps to close the sale. This is a required step and includes additional fees regardless of how your home is sold. Our on-site attorney services and/or partnered title company, depending on your market, participate in hundreds of real estate closings every year which allows them to offer the highest value and maximum convenience.

All Postings Include:

  • Consultation and Support Until Sold
  • Home Transparency Report®
  • - Pre-Market Certified Appraisal
  • - Pre-Market Home Inspection (most markets)
  • Professional Real Estate Photography
  • 3D Virtual Open House
  • Schematic Floor Plans
  • Professionally Crafted Online Posting
  • Customized Sign Package
  • Local Branding through FSBOHOMES Network
  • Management of Postings on Zillow & Trulia
  • Social Media Marketing to Local Buyers
  • Seller Dashboard with Real-Time Updates
  • Electronic "Make an Offer" System
  • Attorney Services Draft Purchase Agreement
  • Seller Home Warranty Coverage
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