We prepare your home for the market
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We Connect you with a Team of Real Estate Professionals

We've raised the bar in residential real estate. Walk through our doors and well connect you with a local team of real estate experts who can support you through the entire process. Its a higher level of service at a fraction of the cost of using a traditional agent.

An FSBOHOMES.COM Genius will be with you every step of the way

  • We'll learn about you and your personal situation to assure we meet or exceed your needs and expectations.
  • Well prepare your listing and coordinate with your local team of real estate experts to assure you're getting the support you need when you need it.

A Certified Appraiser will assist in setting your listing price

  • A certified appraisal is the absolute best way to establish a listing price. An appraiser lives by a set of state and federal rules requiring them to render a true, fair​, and honest value. This is superior to an agent's Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) which is subjective and used as a marketing tool to solicit their services.
  • Certified appraisals are a powerful home selling tool. Sharing a certified appraisal with buyers helps them feel comfortable, eliminates low ball offers, and significantly simplifies​price negotiating.
  • Homes that receive a Certified Appraisal and a Pre-listing Inspection display a "Pre-Certified" badge on their listing. Pre-Certified Homes are the most marketable listings available.

A Pre-listing Inspection helps your home stand out from others

Buyers are more confident looking at a home that has already been inspected.​ The benefits are many.
  • By having your property inspected by a certified home inspector prior to putting it on the market you're demonstrating to buyers your good intent of having a 100% transparent transaction.
  • All the information is on the table before a price is agreed to and a purchase offer signed. This can nearly eliminate the undesirable and unexpected repair expenses that pop up at the time of a post-offer home inspection.
  • Homes that receive a Certified Appraisal and a Pre-listing Inspection display a "Pre-Certified" badge on their listing. Pre-Certified Homes are the most marketable listings available.

Our real estate photographers will showcase your home

  • Every FSBOHOMES.COM listing includes a professional photo shoot with an unlimited number of interior and exterior photos using our professional real estate cameras.
  • To remove all the work from the home showing process, our real estate photographers can also capture footage of your home to create a 3D Virtual Open House.
  • 3D Virtual Open Houses allow buyers to walk through a home virtually as a first look. This allows you to spend your valuable time with only the serious inquiries.

It's your home. No one knows it better.

  • Nobody knows a home and neighborhood better than the homeowners themselves. Homeowners can point out all of the home's perks, as well as answer questions about the neighbors, area, and schools.
  • Buyers appreciate being able to communicate with the sellers directly. This allows buyers and sellers to discuss the details without the pressure and self-interested goals of an agent.

Our on-site attorney helps buyers and sellers feel secure

  • Our on-site real estate attorney will meet with buyers and sellers at our offices. This way both parties can openly discuss the transaction and have professional assistance every step of the way.
  • Our on-site real estate attorney will help buyers and sellers understand how they're protected by the language in the standard purchase agreement and how they will not be subject to terms which unfairly favor one party over the other.

On-site closing service will handle all the details and paperwork

  • Our on-site real estate attorney and closing services can hold your buyer's earnest money in escrow and coordinate with the buyer's lending institution in preparation for closing.
  • Our on-site real estate attorney and closing services will prepare all the necessary documentation for a hassle-free, on-time closing and can even attend the closing on your behalf.


Compare our Pricing to Agent/MLS Models

Enter your home's Zip Code for the FSBOHOMES.COM pricing and package options available in your area.


Agent/MLS Models

Compare our fees to the various Realtor assisted models shown below. Traditionally, home sellers pay both the seller side commission and the buyer side commission. Closing service fees are not included in an agent's commission but are an additional fee usually totaling $1,000 or less, depending on the local market.
Traditional Agent
3% Seller Agent Commission
3% Buyer Agent Commission
Discount Agent
1.5% Seller Agent Commission
3% Buyer Agent Commission
Flat-Fee MLS
MLS Listing Fee
3% Buyer Agent Commission

Are homes listed with FSBOHOMES.COM selling as well as homes listed on the MLS? We track the data and share the numbers so you know the facts. Understanding these numbers is a vital part of your FSBO Genius Training!

Customized Sign Package, Personally Delivered

FSBOHomes.com signs
FSBOHomes.com box

Every FSBOHOMES.COM listing includes a professional sign package customized with your contact information. The sign package's design and color scheme coordinates with your online listing, helping buyers feel comfortable that you're affiliated with a system and a level of professional support not typically seen in a private home sale.


Showing your Home is Effortless with 3D Virtual Open Houses

Today, nearly 100% of homebuyers begin their search online. Our 3D Virtual Open House interactive home tours allow you to showcase your entire home immediately when buyers find it. Clean your home once and let buyers walk through it virtually 24 hrs/day, exposing your home to more people with less effort.


Your Seller Dashboard Navigates you from Listing to Closing

Step-by-Step Guidance

Your Seller Dashboard provides step-by-step guidance through the FSBO process so you know exactly what you need to be doing at each phase.

Step 1
Control of Your Listing

We consider this a partnership. You have 100% control of your listing and can change anything at anytime or we can do it for you!

Step 2
Track our Progress

Receive real-time updates including visitor traffic to your listing and progress updates from your local real estate team.

Step 3

We consider this a partnership. FSBO Genius Training puts you in control, but well be with you every step of the way! Your Seller Dashboard will guide you through the FSBO process and help you connect with your local real estate team as their services are needed.


Seller Warranty logo Included

Service repairman

At FSBOHOMES.COM, every property is covered under a home warranty during the listing period. As an option, the warranty can be extended to the buyer for a small fee as an extra incentive to purchase your home.


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