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"The path of discovery is not found in new destinations but in viewing the familiar through fresh eyes."
For over a hundred years the MLS was the primary source of listing exposure and real estate agents were the "go to" professionals assisting homeowners through residential real estate transactions, but times change. The Internet has made the MLS obsolete and homeowners can use a more qualified team of certified and licensed real estate professionals to receive more service with less cost.
Your Online Posting, Prepared the Right Way.
It all Begins with our Advertising Managers.
They coordinate with our local, time-tested team of real estate professionals to ensure their expert guidance is incorporated into your online posting. Our advertising managers and on-site real estate attorney services are the core of our team, selling more homes in an average week than a typical agent sells in a year!
Experience the Smoothest Real Estate Transaction Possible. Our Home Transparency Report includes both a pre-market certified appraisal report and a pre-market home inspection report for sellers to share with potential buyers, creating the most transparent homebuying experience available. Sellers can also add an extra layer of protection by including a 14-month home warranty.
Pre-Market Certified Appraisal
Pre-Market Home Inspection
Home Warranty
Appraisal Report
Home Inspection Report
Every FSBOHOMES customer receives a pre-market certified appraisal. A certified appraisal is the highest standard available to determine an accurate fair market value of a home. That's why lenders require a certified appraisal before approving a buyer's loan, but that's at the END of your home selling journey. Right-pricing your home with a certified appraisal at the beginning of the process will help you sell your home as fast as possible.
For Sellers
Setting the right price is the single most important step you can take to sell your home fast and optimize your proceeds. We call it "Right-Pricing".
For Buyers
Even if you think you know the value and condition of your home, buyers won't. A Home Transparency Report gives you instant credibility and shows you're making every attempt possible to provide full transparency regarding the price and condition of your home.
Sellers receive FREE, No-Strings Attached coverage during the posting period (up to 6 months). The warranty can be transferred to the buyer, for a fee at closing, to offer peace of mind they will not receive with the purchase of another home.
3D Virtual Open Houses have revolutionized the home selling process, allowing nearly all of your home showing activity to occur online with no time and effort on your part, minimizing your need to do private showings and open houses.
Every home posted on FSBOHOMES receives schematic floor plans to help potential buyers clearly understand the layout of the home and the dimensions of each room.
FSBOHOMES establishes local branding and awareness in the same way real estate brokerages have done for decades. The FSBOHOMES System earns trust in the community, conveying a level of comfort to your buyers.
We Manage Your Marketing Campaign.
Management of Online Postings
Zillow and Trulia make up 2/3 of all real estate web traffic from the top 5 real estate portals. Our team sets up and manages your property postings on FSBOHOMES and the top national real estate portals, including both Zillow and Trulia.
Custom Sign Package
Every customer receives a double-sided FSBOHOMES property sign customized with your phone number, a branded flyer box, and the necessary number of directional signs to locally market your home. We also create a property flyer that simply needs to be printed and placed in your brochure box!
Mail Campaign
The people in your neighborhood are likely to be the most interested to learn your home is for sale. Our neighborhood mail campaign can be added to let them know your home is on the market, creating local awareness and giving them an opportunity to "Choose their New Neighbor!"
Home Selling Network
The FSBOHOMES System is at work in local communities every day, driving local awareness and traffic. Our recognized brand serves as a home selling network for our customers, driving local exposure to fellow home sellers in the FSBOHOMES community.
Social Media
Over 1/3 of today's buyers are first time homebuyers at a median age of 32, fitting the largest age demographic of social media users. We target the social media users currently looking for a home in your area and place your home in their news feed!
Buyer Support
Our on-site attorney services are available to help buyers understand the basics of the homebuying process. A representative from the real estate attorney's office will conduct a meeting with you and your buyers to draft the purchase agreement. A quick, efficient, and convenient service for your buyers.
FSBOHomes.com signs
FSBOHomes.com box
The Offer and Closing Process is Simple.
Receive an Offer!
Buyers will follow four simple steps and be asked to bring a pre-approval letter to your private showing. Your buyers will then select the green Make an Offer button on our website to submit a non-binding offer. You'll receive an email notification and have an opportunity to accept, decline, or counter the offer in a fun, no pressure way, until a "handshake" agreement has been reached.
Attorney Consultation
At your option, our on-site attorney services are available to meet with you and your buyers to draft an official purchase agreement. Both parties will have the opportunity to understand how the language in the purchase agreement protects them and that neither party will be subject to terms that unfairly favor one party over the other once executed. Your file will then move right into the closing process!
Professional Closing Services
The last phase of the process is coordination of the legal and financial steps to close the sale. This is a required step and includes additional fees regardless of how your home is sold. Our on-site attorney services and/or partnered title company, depending on your market, participate in hundreds of real estate closings every year which allows them to offer the highest value and maximum convenience.
Legal Documentation
Our on-site attorney services and/or partnered title company will ensure your property's title and legal documentation is brought up to date in accordance with state law, help to clear any potential liens (additional fees may apply), and create all the necessary paperwork for closing.
Financial Payoffs
Our partnered closing services work with your lending institution to ensure your mortgage and/or lines of credit are paid off. They calculate your prorated property taxes and other closing related fees, then make arrangements for payment.
Closing the Sale!
Our on-site attorney services and/or partnered title company will review the closing documents with you and obtain all necessary signatures. The team will make sure everything is handled in a trouble-free manner.
We sold our last house with an agent. We sold this house with FSBOHOMES. We received the same level of service, sold it in half the time, and saved $21,350 in commissions!
— Bob and Jen Fejfar
Begin Your Home Selling Journey
Get Started
Contact FSBOHOMES. Our Advertising Managers will create your online posting and coordinate with appraisers and inspectors to right-price your home.
Our professional photographer will come to your home and capture the necessary number of high quality still images and 3D scans to showcase your home.
Market Home
Our team will manage the advertising of your home through a local marketing campaign and national real estate portals like Zillow and Trulia.
Receive Offer
You'll receive an email notification for most offers and our on-site attorney services will work with you and your buyers to draft a purchase agreement.
Close Sale
A representative from our on-site attorney's office and/or partnered title company will coordinate with your buyer's lender to prepare your documentation and close the sale!

All Postings Include:

  • Consultation and Support Until Sold
  • Pre-Market Certified Appraisal Report
  • Pre-Market Home Inspection Report (most markets)
  • Professional Real Estate Photography
  • 3D Virtual Open House
  • Schematic Floor Plans
  • Professionally Crafted Online Posting
  • Customized Sign Package
  • Local Branding through FSBOHOMES Network
  • Management of Postings on Zillow & Trulia
  • Social Media Marketing to Local Buyers
  • Seller Dashboard with Real-Time Updates
  • Electronic "Make an Offer" System
  • On-Site Attorney Drafts Purchase Agreement
  • Seller Home Warranty Coverage
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