Time is Money. We Believe You Deserve to keep Both!
We'll give you an aggressive cash offer with the lowest fees in the industry then test the market and try to save you even more money. Our sellers save an average of nearly $15,000. Choose the best option for you and save either way. It's the way selling a home should be.
Step 1
Request a cash offer
Submit your address and have a 15-minute consultation to discuss your options.
Step 2
Get an offer within five business days
We'll do our due diligence and if your property is accepted, you'll receive a cash offer at or near market value.
Step 3
Take the cash offer or test the market
You may have more time than you think. You can save thousands testing the market with a cash offer in hand.
Step 4
Sell and save
Accept the home sale option that works best for you and enjoy the lowest fees in the industry.
Receive your cash offer, then test the market to avoid the convenience fee.
Cash Offer
Pay a convenience fee and sell without upfront repairs and showings. All costs are deducted at closing.
Example Sale Price
Estimated Convenience Fee
Estimated Closing Costs
Based on Investor Assessment
Estimated Net Proceeds
Test the Market
On average, homes advertised with FSBOHOMES sell at 100% of the pre-market appraised value and save an average of nearly $15,000.
Example Sale Price
Advertising Fee
Estimated Closing Costs
Based on Buyer Requests
Estimated Net Proceeds
* Flat fee ranges from $2,500-$4,000 depending on market and is paid at closing. In 2020, nearly 2/3 of homes advertised with FSBOHOMES sold with no agent on either side of the transaction, meaning ultimate cost savings to you.
** This advertisement is not an offer to purchase your home or an offer for mortgage lending. Your property must qualify for the FSBOHOMES Cash Offer Program to receive a cash offer and an on-site home inspection is a required step in the qualification process. FSBOHOMES and its respective affiliates, including but not limited to real estate investors, fully support the principles of the Fair Housing Act and the Equal Opportunity Act.
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