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At FSBOHOMES, we're committed to creating an environment where buyers and sellers can enjoy a more cost-effective, more transparent real estate experience. While agents will say it's free for a home buyer to use their services, agent fees get pushed to the seller causing higher asking prices.
As a buyer, there are protections that should be built into every home buying experience. Common contingencies include a professional home inspection to determine the condition of the home as well as a certified appraisal to confirm the value of the property and protect you from paying more than the home's true value. Other specialized inspections can be part of the transaction if you choose.


On-Site Real Estate Attorney Services

We encourage Buyers and Sellers to utilize the "Make an Offer" tool to reach an unofficial agreement on key aspects of the sale such as purchase price and possession date. Once an offer is accepted, a representative from our partnered real estate attorney office will draft the purchase agreement.

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