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At FSBOHOMES, we're committed to creating an environment where buyers and sellers can enjoy a more cost effective, more trusting real estate experience. While agents will say it's free for a homebuyer to use their services, agent fees get pushed to the seller causing higher asking prices.

* FSBOHOMES does not have licensed agents. Our role is not to help you find a home or negotiate a deal, but rather to help you understand what to expect in a typical home buying process.

David Riley

David Riley
FSBO Genius
Office (515) 393-4688
Cell (515) 322-0598


On-Site Real Estate Attorney

We encourage Buyers and Sellers to utilize the "Make an Offer" tool to reach an unofficial agreement on key aspects of the sale such as purchase price and possession date. Then, our on-site real estate attorney will handle the details as a complimentary service to the buyer.

Newhouse Law, PC is a general practice law firm, practicing in areas including, but not limited to, Real Estate.

Chad Newhouse

Chad Newhouse
Real Estate Attorney
Office (319) 373-8150
Cell (319) 350-5165


Preferred Mortgage Lender

Our trusted mortgage lenders offer extremely competitive rates and specialize in giving homebuyers the extra support and professional guidance they need to thoroughly understand home inspections, appraisals, and other aspects of the homebuying process. Our trusted lenders are integrated into the FSBOHOMES system and are intimately familiar with our processes. This creates seamless communications between buyers and sellers, ensuring the smoothest real estate transaction possible.

Jay Burkenbine

Jay Burkenbine
Gershman Mortgage
Office (515) 330-2930
Cell (515) 330-6228
NMLS# 1277502

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